Social Media Influencers in Instagram and facebook in Singapore and Malaysia

Maximising Influencers Marketing

Word of Mouth marketing has always been an essential tool for every business and micro-influencers marketing is the modern day version of it with social media.

With an extensive pool of 500 over micro-influencers that we build close relationships, we're able to execute campaigns with speed & on point.


Execution is King

being on one of the pioneers in the micro-influencer marketing industry, we have executed 300 over influencers marketing campaigns social with notable results in these 4 years.

We knows what works and what doesn't.
With a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, we are well set to embrace an extensive scope of social media marketing objectives. 


Deepen Campaign ROI

We've built LEADGRAM, a first-of-its-kind leads retargeting software that can solve the largest limitation of consumers' behaviour on social media, to deepen social media MARKETING ROI & maximise conversion including Leads & Traffic for brands & businesses.

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